FKD Studio

Specialists in 3d Rendering of Architectural Marketing Images & Film


“We are a multi-disciplinary studio, with a range of backgrounds.”

FKD was established in mid 2015 by Nicholas King and David Fraher, with Ben Rappell joining soon thereafter.

Our collective aim is to create a studio environment that helps to facilitate the creation of compelling still images, architectural films and immersive VR environments for a broad range of public and private sector projects.

We are a multi-disciplinary studio, with a range of backgrounds, from architects, interior designers, to games artists, music producer/composer and many more. We draw on many years of industry experience both in Australia and Europe to become one of Australia‚Äôs leading groups of architectural artists committed to the process of film and image making in all its forms.

“working together, encouraging discussion, sharing ideas”

Much like architectural design, the image creation process is inherently collaborative involving input from a variety of specialists. This is best achieved within a studio by artists working together, encouraging discussion, sharing ideas and learning from each other as technology rapidly evolves. Whilst keeping abreast with the constantly changing technology, we like to stay true to our belief that what we do is an art as opposed to a technologically driven process.

By drawing from a wide variety of creative disciplines we are in a unique position to be able to produce and direct everything in our studio, from story board sketch animatics, composed original music scores, animations, film, immersive VR (both mobile and tethered) and high end still imagery.

“We love what we do and feel that is reflected in our work.”

Nicholas King | Creative Director