FKD Studio

Specialists in 3d Rendering of Architectural Marketing Images & Film


Marketing Images

Our specialty is the production of evocative, highly detailed images for use in your sales and marketing. We will
endeavour to make your project stand out from the rest, by creating mood and emotion,  whilst   staying true to the vision.

Planning Images

We can produce VCAT standard accurate montages for your planning submissions. With our studios wealth of talent and experience we can quickly construct beautifully evocative large scale urban massing images from very limited design information.


We work closely with Melbourne’s best ground and aerial photographers to create a product that seamlessly blends photographic and render elements together to create the highest quality product.


FKD Studio produce high end films and animation. From small scale fully animated films to large budget narrative driven films mixing animation, location filming, talent, graphic overlays and everything in between. We are one of the few companies in Australia who produce everything in house which allows greater flexibility and a more cohesive final product.


FKD Studio has been producing VR experiences since day one. We produce bespoke experiences for display suites as well as mobile and web interfaces. From coding through to imagery, we look after it all and create a product tailored specifically to your needs.


Interactive virtual tours give the viewer an opportunity to move between 3D environments in one seamless experience. With multi-device functionality (web, mobile, iPad and VR), virtual tours offer flexible content delivery options for delivering high quality interactive content.


Here at FKD Studio we employ a wide range of design trained staff, from architects, interior designers, graphic artists and industrial designers. We offer services that utilize these talents and offer art direction as well complete styling services to assist the creating of compelling interior and exterior images. We can develop a look and feel that will be conveyed across an entire project to make sure your project stands out from the crowd.


We will also manage all aspect of the visualization process, ensure communication throughout and create a smooth process between all parties involved.