360, 3D & Virtual Reality

360 Tours

3D Walkthroughs

3D walkthroughs enable your customer or buyer to experience property as if they were really there, going far beyond photographs and still images, helping your property stand out from the competition.

FKD can also capture and create your 3D virtual tour through Matterport and/or 360 photographic technology.

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Virtual Reality Walkthroughs

VR One To One


FKD Studio are world leaders in transforming architectural visualisation using new technologies. Our one-to-one scale wireless, free-roaming VR application enables users to experience future developments in a truly immersive way. bringing 3D environments to life.

Imagine enabling your customer to walk through their future home or apartment, stand in their open plan kitchen, overlook their lounge area or take in the view. Customers can wander through and experience the intention of the design, bringing the future to life before their eyes.

The FKD One-One experience is truly immersive and unique. There is no other way to get a sense of size, space and feel, apart from ‘actual reality’. Unlike other 360 or VR set ups, the freedom of movement places you there. When combined with subtle audio shifts and cues, users are quite literally transported into a virtual world.

FKD also offer multi-user environments for users to join the environment from anywhere in the world.